Sunday, February 16, 2014

Flyers Humbles Blonde Ale

Flyers Brewery, Oak Harbor, WA – Humbles Blonde Ale  

Stars: 3.5 
Date sampled: Feb 16, 2014
Format: Pint on tap
Where I found it: Fiddler’s Inn, Wedgwood, Seattle

The Humbles Blonde Ale was a crystal-clear honey-hued brew with sweet and crisp aromas of the honey persuasion. This beer was stunning in contrast to Sam’s milky reddish brown disaster of a beer ordered the same evening at the Fiddler’s Inn.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this brew was more flavorful than one would expect for the style. The brew starts with a very crisp and smooth mouthfeel and evolves into an interesting creamy vegetable sweetness. (Sam was pretty adamant the veggie essence was reminiscent of creamed corn… after a healthy debate we settled on “vegetable sweetness”) Anyhow, the most exciting aspect of the beer was the unexpectedly bitter linger. The linger was a welcome surprise, as neither Sam, nor I, found any hops to be present up front! 

Blonde Ales are typically not my thing, but this one has me newly interested in the style. I should also note that this beer tastes like a much bigger one than it is…upon arriving home, we looked up the beer and realized it comes in at only 3.5 percent! What a great session ale!

- Megan

Stats: 3.5%